Making calls abroad

It’s now easier than ever to use your phone abroad, or call friends and family overseas from the UK. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Read on for more about making international calls.

Using your phone abroad

Need to text your mum from the poolside in Rio? Check the coverage where you're going, as well as those all-important costs.

Cost and Coverage - Pay Monthly

Find out more about the mobile coverage where you're travelling, and get the lowdown on costs and coverage.

Cost and Coverage - PAYG

You can go anywhere you like with Pay As You Go. Find out more about the mobile coverage and costs in the country you're visiting.

More help with going abroad

Need some more info before you head off? Explore some of the key issues raised by fellow travellers, as well as our in-depth guide to roaming.

Going abroad FAQs
The most common things to watch out for when travelling.

Ask the community

Join the Virgin Media community discussion, for help and tips.

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Going abroad? Here's what to do

If you're planning a trip abroad and want to use your phone while you're away, you just need to let us know by switching on 'Roaming' in Your Account.

To do this, log in to 'Your Account', then select the 'Manage Services' tab. From there scroll down to the 'Roaming' section. Click the slider to the 'On' position, and you're all set.

Log in to Your Account

Making calls abroad from the UK

With all those extra digits, dialling abroad can often be confusing. Here are the codes and other info you need in black and white, including the countries you can send texts to.

Making calls abroad - Pay Monthly
Our guide to using Virgin Mobile when you're overseas.
Making calls abroad - PAYG
Our guide to using Virgin Mobile when you're overseas.
International dialling codes
Know your Algeria from your Zimbabwe - all in one place.
Texting abroad
Find out all the countries you can send text messages to.