Ways to pay - Pay as You Go


Available from high street retailers nationwide anywhere you see the green top up logo. They come as a printed till receipt and you can top up by phone or by text.

Either call 789 to top up by phone. Or text the unique voucher PIN to 789111 to top up by text.

Top up by a credit or debit card

Tired of traipsing down to the shops to top up your phone? Register your credit or debit card and you can top up - straight from your sofa - day or night.

To start using your credit or debit card with us just visit Your Account and click on 'Register your Credit/debit card'. Or call us on 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone to talk to our team.

There are four easy ways to top up with your card:

·         789 - call us free from your Virgin Mobile and top-up from £5.

·         Online - visit Your Account to top-up.

·         On your mobile - go to Your Account on your phone’s internet browser at m.virginecare.com and click Top Up, or just text ACCOUNT to 80150 for a direct link.

·         Text - send a message for free to 789 222 containing:

- The amount you'd like to top up (between £5 - £50 in denominations of £5)

- Last 4 digits of your card number

- Last 3 security digits on the back of your card (or 4 if you have an American Express card)

- Leaving a space between each detail Eg: 10 9876 321

- When you're all topped up, we'll text you back to let you know.

- Tip: Save 789222 to your address book, that way you won't need to remember it each time you top up by text.

Grab an e-top up card

Sick of messing around with vouchers? Then grab yourself an E-top up card.

You can top up in loads more places. Plus, it's quicker, too.

You can use your E-top up card in:

·         Stores

·         Petrol stations

·         Corner shops

·         In fact, you can use it anywhere you see the green top up logo.


Here's how:

Give your E-top up card to the store assistant and let them know how much credit you'd like.

You can get as little as £5 or as much as £100 every time.

Pay as you normally would, then you're done! Easy!


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