Upgrade your phone

If you're coming to the end of your contract, or if you're on Pay As You Go and you fancy a brand new phone, we'll be sure to find you another cracking deal.

Pay Monthly

Want to get the latest and best phone as soon as your contract comes to an end? Then make sure you don't miss our amazing early upgrade offers. Just register or log in to Your Account when your contract’s nearly up and as soon as you’re eligible we’ll get you the best deal we can. Keep an eye out for the green banner!

Pay As You Go

For every £100 you spend on calls and messages, or bundles, we'll give you £10 towards your next phone. With Your Rewards, you can earn up to £100 off any new phone in our range. Woohoo! See how much you have to spend by visiting Your Account and clicking on Your Rewards on the Overview page, any time you like. Fancy switching to a monthly tariff? We’ve got loads of great monthly airtime bundles to choose from. Just head over to the ‘Tariff and device’ page in Your Account for more information.
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