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3D TV On Demand FAQs

Virgin Media 3D On Demand is part of our TV On Demand service.
It’s a great way to watch 3D content that will offer a choice of 3D films and TV ready to watch whenever you want. There’s no subscription needed to get our 3D On Demand service, all you need is a 3D TV, a Virgin Media HD set top box, and HDMI cable and of course 3D glasses that are compatible with your TV.

To find out more click on one of the FAQs listed below:

Click here for Virgin Media 3D On Demand technical FAQs.

What do I need to watch Virgin Media 3D On Demand?

To view 3D content on your Virgin Media service you need the following equipment:

  • A 3D enabled TV
  • Any Virgin Media HD set-top box A Virgin Media HD set-top box (TiVo, V HD and V+ HD.
  • An HDMI cable connected from the set-top box to the 3DTV
  • 3D glasses which are compatible with your 3D TV.
  • Content that is produced in 3D

Without all of these you will not be able to watch 3D on Virgin Media TV

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How do I set up my 3D TV to see 3D programmes?

Once you have made sure you have connected your 3D TV to your set top box using an HDMI cable:

  • Set your HD 3D TV to ‘3D mode’ (check your TV's manual).
  • Put on your 3D glasses, if your 3D glasses have batteries in them make sure they are turned on and working.
  • Now sit back and enjoy ‘seeing things differently’

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Where can I find 3D On Demand content?

You can find and purchase 3D On Demand content in Movies On Demand. Press the 'Home' button on your remote, select 'Movies' then Virgin Media 3D.

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How much will it cost?

Pay Per View movie prices will vary as each studio sets their own pricing, so it's best to check our 3D TV web link. Once purchased, a movie is available to watch for 48 hours - within that period, you can watch it as many times as you like.

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How long will I be able to watch 3D movies for?

As with all of our On Demand content, once purchased 3D movies will be available to watch as many times as you want within a 48 hour period.

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If I buy 3D On Demand how will this show on my bill?

This will appear on your bill in the same place as any other On Demand purchase under ‘Event Charges’.

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What 3D content is available in Virgin Media 3D On Demand?

We now have 3OD Content in TV for XL, L or M+ and our 3D movie titles continue to grow. For the latest programmes and movie titles, visit our 3D TV web page.

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I don’t have a 3D TV – can I watch Virgin Media 3D On Demand?

To be able to watch 3D content using your Virgin Media V HD, V+ or TiVo box you do need a 3D TV, this needs to be connected to a Virgin Media HD set top box using an HDMI cable as well as the TV manufacturer’s glasses and 3D content.

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Why does the EPG/User guide not display properly?

When in 3D mode, the guide cannot be displayed properly because a 3D TV will attempt to convert the 2D guide into a 3D picture, this results in a blurred image of the channel guide. We recommend that you only switch your TV to 3D mode once you’re ready to watch 3D On Demand content.

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I can see two identical pictures next to each other?

Virgin Media 3D programmes are usually in ‘side by side’ 3D format, two identical pictures next to each other. If you see a ‘side-by-side’ picture check that that your TV is a 3D TV and if it is that you have set it to 3D mode. Top/bottom content will display as described if not switched to the correct top/bottom 3D format.

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Will games and sport be available in 3D?

We will show live events in 3D when they are made available to us by broadcasters. Check My Virgin Media Customer News for updates.

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Can I get the Sky 3HD channel?

Currently the Sky 3D channel is only available to Sky customers.

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Click here for Virgin Media 3D On Demand technical FAQs.

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