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  • An introduction to your TiVo box

    Front of your TiVo box

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    1. Standby button. Turns your TiVo box on or puts it into standby. The green light
      indicates that the box is on. The red light indicated that the box is in standby.
    2. Online LED. When lit it shows your box has access to On Demand and interactive services.
    3. Remote control LED. Flashes when the box receives a signal from the remote.
    4. Home button. Press this to go to the Home screen and press twice to access My Shows.
    5. TV button. Press this to watch live TV.
    6. Back button. Press this to go back one screen while viewing a menu.
    7. Navigational arrows. Use these to navigate the menus.
    8. OK button. Press this to choose menu options or display the Mini Guide while watching live TV, recordings and On Demand.
    9. Record button. Press this to record the show playing in live TV or to set up a recording from the guides.
    10. Recording lights. These lights indicate that recordings are in progress. If one light is lit red, one recording is in progress; if two are red, two recordings are in progress; if three are red, three are in progress.
    11. Downloading light. When blue, this light indicates that a download is in progress.

    Back of your TiVo box

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    When your TiVo box is installed the following connections will be used:

    • Cable Input
    • Power Connector
    • HDMI (or SCART if you don’t have an HD TV)