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How do I teach my TiVo box what I like watching?

TiVo doesn't just suggest any old stuff – it will pick shows and films that are relevant to the things you already watch, rate or record. They'll be saved in a special folder in My Shows, ready for you to watch when you want.

The clever thing is Suggestions won't replace the shows you've chosen to record. And they're always the first to be deleted to make room for specific recordings you've set up.

For more information, view our handy 'How to' video or follow the instructions below.

Your box learns what you like the most and makes suggestions for you based on your recordings and thumb ratings.

Where to find Suggestions

All your Suggestions are listed in My Shows in a Suggestions folder. You can watch, rate, and delete them just like any other shows.

Auto-recording Suggestions

If there’s space on your box, it’ll automatically record your Suggestions for you. But don’t worry, Suggestions won’t replace the shows you’ve chosen to record. And they’re always the first to be deleted to make room for specific recordings you’ve set up.

Improving your Suggestions
  1. See what your box has suggested for you, go to My Shows and select Suggestions. Scroll down to the bottom of the folder and select Improve my TiVo Suggestions.
  2. You can make improvements by pressing Thumbs Up  or Thumbs Down 
Turn off auto recording

If you don’t like TiVo Suggestions making recordings for you, you can turn it off.

  1. Go to Help & Settings from the main menu.
  2. Choose Settings and enter your PIN (if you’ve set one up).
  3. Choose Recordings, then Suggestions to change your settings.