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Search and Discover TV, movies, music and On Demand on your TiVo box

Let’s say you’re in the mood for a thriller. Or a bit of comedy. How about being able to browse by theme or genre, or that actor you fancy? Well that’s where your TiVo box can really help.

Type in the name of your favourite show, actor, director or just a keyword into your TiVo box and will it will bring it straight to you.

As well as searching through the listings for what's on now, or coming up later, it'll search through all the great things you have available to you – from Catch Up TV to TV On Demand – and even gives you the chance to search YouTube.

Discover TV & Movies

Discover new shows and films by genre such as Comedy, Drama and Kids updated every week. And Pick of the Week includes topical content that we think you’ll enjoy. From the Home screen just choose Search & Discover then Discover TV & Movies.

What to Watch Now

If you’re struggling to find something to watch immediately, What to Watch Now can help. You can choose from Popular TV, Sport, Movies and Kids for some great ideas for what’s on right now from your subscribed channels. Just go to What to Watch Now from Search & Discover.

Search by title or name

If you're looking for something specific, you can search by a programme title or a person's name. View our handy 'How to' video on how to search on TiVo or follow the instructions below.

  1. From the Home screen choose Search & Discover.
  2. Select Search.
  3. There are a couple of different ways you can type in what you’re looking for. You can use the number buttons on your remote control to enter letters (use 2 for ABC, 3 for DEF, and so on), just like texting on your mobile phone. Make sure the window above the letter grid is highlighted before you begin. If a letter on the grid is highlighted, press on your remote until the highlight moves to the window.
  4. Or, you can press on your remote to get to the keyboard. Use the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN arrows on your remote to move around the letters. Press OK to choose the letter you want.
  5. As you select letters your TiVo box searches all live TV available for the next two weeks, and any on demand shows, containing that word.
  6. When you see what you’re searching for, use to move into the search results. Then highlight the one, you want and press to select it.
  7. Select Get this show to watch it if it is available from Live TV, or On Demand to record the next showing or set up a Series Link+ - which will record the whole series. If available through Netflix you'll see the Netflix logo at the bottom of the screen. For information about Series Link+, see How do I record a whole series on my TiVo box?
Search On Demand programmes

You can search just On Demand programmes, to quickly find the movie or show you’re after.

  1. From the Home screen choose Catch Up
  2. Select Search Catch Up & On Demand. If you already know the name of the film or programme you want to find, type it in using the on-screen keypad and if it’s available On Demand, it’ll show in the results.

If the programme you want can’t be found, you’ll be given the option to Search All TV with the same search text which will show you results for live TV programmes, actors and directors.

Search by On Demand Music videos
  1. From the Home screen choose Search & Discover
  2. Select the Vevo App

Tips for searching
  • Use the REWIND icon to delete individual letters or press to remove all letters and start the search again.
  • When searching for an actor or a director, enter the name like this: Last Name, First Name. Make sure the name is spelt correctly.
  • Replace hyphens (–), slashes (/) and full stops (.) with spaces.
  • You don’t need to use apostrophes (‘) and ampersands (&). E.g. Searching for 6 oclock news will still pick up the 6 O’clock News.
Create a WishList search

If the actor, director or subject you’re looking for isn’t listed in your search results, try a Wishlist search instead. That way, your search will be remembered so you can use it again, Alternatively you can set your TiVo box to automatically record shows that match your search.

How to set up a WishList search

  1. From the Home screen choose Search & Discover, then My WishList Searches.
  2. Choose Create a WishList Search.
  3. You can now choose the things you’d like to search by. Search by one or all of these: keyword, title keyword, actor, director, category.
  4. Your Virgin Media TiVo box will automatically give your search a name. If you’d like to change this name, select WishList Name.
  5. Once you’re happy with the search you’ve set up, choose Done creating this WishList Search.
  6. You can ask your TiVo box to automatically record anything that matches your WishList search. To do this Choose Auto-record WishList programmes.
  7. You can also see a list of the programmes that match your search and are showing within the next two weeks by going to View coming soon programmes.

If you want to watch any of the shows recorded by the WishList, just go to My Shows. WishList recordings are marked with a star, like this . Once the programme is within the timescale for being deleted, the star icon will be replaced with an egg timer.

Edit or delete a WishList search

You can change an existing WishList search, to correct a spelling for example, or delete a WishList search completely anytime. From the Home screen go to Search & Browse, select My WishList Searches and choose an existing search to edit or delete.