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If you get your services down a fibre optic cable you are a Cable user. If you get your services down a phone line you are a National user.


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About your Virgin Media email address

When you register and activate your Virgin Media account, we create an e-mail address that you can use to send and receive messages.

All new Virgin Media accounts are now set up with an e-mail address that ends in

How do I use my new e-mail address?

The easiest way to get started is to access your e-mail online through a Web browser using Virgin Media Mail. This allows you to send and receive messages from just about any computer that has a working Internet connection, meaning that you can access your e-mail even when you're not at home. Try it now: go to your Virgin Media Mail online by clicking Email in the top-right of the Virgin Media site.

Alternatively, you can set up an e-mail client to send and receive your messages. Take a look at our guides on how to set up some of the most popular e-mail clients.

Can I have more than one Virgin Media e-mail address?

Yes, of course. If you need additional e-mail addresses either for yourself or for members of your family, you can create them quickly and easily. For more information, see How do I create a new e-mail address?

Once you've created a new e-mail address, you can start using it within a matter of minutes, either via Virgin Media Mail or via an e-mail client.

As part of our acceptable use policy we ask customers to review any e-mails in their primary mailbox - which is provided as part of the service - on a regular basis, as we may use this address to send notifications about issues that could affect the service.

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