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Help with Virgin Media Mail

Need help with Virgin Media Mail? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.


Looking for hints and tips on using Virgin Media Mail?

Find out how to organise, sort and delete your mail, how to label and filter, and the other great features you can use in Introducing Virgin Media Mail


Need to change your email password? 

If you've forgotten your password, are worried about email security or just fancy a change, go to How do I change my email password?


Need to create some more email accounts?

Find out how in our article How do I create a new email address?


Think your email account has been hijacked (or hacked)?

If you think someone has hijacked (or hacked) your account without permission, find out what to do in our article What do I do if I think my email account has been accessed (hacked) by someone else?


Had an email from Google about their privacy policy?

If Google sent you an email about their new privacy policy, check  Why have I been sent an email titled "Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service"?


Need help with the new-look Virgin Media Mail?

Virgin Media Mail has a new look! To find out about the changes, check Why does Virgin Media Mail look different?


Need to find out how to turn off compatibility view in Internet Explorer?

To find out how to turn off compatibility view check Why can't I view a web site correctly in Internet Explorer 8 or 9?


Want to access Virgin Media Mail from a mobile browser?

You can now also access Virgin Media Mail from your internet-enabled mobile phone – just enter Find out more in How to use Virgin Media Mail with mobile browsers or for Apple users you can watch our video: Using Virgin Media Mail on your iPad or iPhone

If the answer you're looking for isn't here, go to the Email Help home page or visit our customer Help and Support Forum for more.