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If you get your services down a fibre optic cable you are a Cable user. If you get your services down a phone line you are a National user.


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How to configure IMAP for Windows Mail

To set up your Windows Mail client to work with Virgin Media Mail, just follow these steps:

1.  Enable IMAP in your Virgin Media Mail account.

2.  Open Windows Mail. The wizard pops up if it's your first time using it; otherwise, simply click Tools > Accounts.

3.  On the next screen click on "Add"

4.  On the Account type screen, select "E-mail Account" and click Next.

5.  Enter your name, then click Next.

6.  Enter your complete Virgin Media Mail address, including,, or, and click Next.

7.  Choose IMAP from the list of incoming email server types.

8.  Enter,, or, matching the last part of your email address, in the Incoming mail server field.

9.  Enter,, or, matching the last part of your email address, in the Outgoing email server name, check 'Outgoing server requires authentication' box; click Next.

10.  Enter your full Virgin Media Mail address, including,, or, in the E-mail username field.

11.  Enter your Virgin Media Mail password in the password field, and click Next.

12.  Click Finish on the next screen - downloading your folder list and emails is optional at this time.

13.  Select Tools > Accounts, and then click on the,, or account, and click on Properties.

14.  Click on the Advanced tab, and enter 465 as the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port; enter 993 as the Incoming mail (IMAP) port, and check both boxes with "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)".

15.  Click on OK to save your changes,and then click on Close.

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