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Do existing customers get any deals on Virgin Mobile?

If you’re an existing Virgin Media customer with any combination of our broadband, TV or phone services, here’s the good news - you automatically qualify for some exclusive mobile deals!

You can check out all of our existing customer deals on our Customer offers page. Here’s a few you might be interested in:

Please remember you have to be an existing Virgin Media customer to take advantage of these deals. If you place your order, and we discover that you aren’t a customer after all, we’ll offer you the best equivalent tariff.

By the way, if you've got a bit attached to your phone number, then why not keep it? You’ll just need to ask your current service provider. To find out more, check out our Time to Switch page.

Got more questions about mobile from Virgin Media? Visit our How Do I? pages for the answers.

…and remember, you can check your Virgin Mobile account online, 24/7 on the Your Account page.