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If you get your services down a fibre optic cable you are a Cable user. If you get your services down a phone line you are a National user.


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I can't connect to the wireless router because the WPA network security key/password is rejected

When you set up your wireless router, you need to enter its network security key (or WPA passphrase) in order to connect to it wirelessly.

If you enter the wrong network security key you won’t be able to connect to your wireless network. This security feature is built in to all of Virgin Media's wireless routers to prevent unauthorised access to your wireless network. If you do enter the wrong network security key, you may see an error similar to this:

To try and connect to your wireless network, first make sure that you’re entering the correct network security key and using the correct capitalisation of the letters. To find out the default network security key for your wireless router see  What is my wireless router's WPA network security key/password?

If you have already changed your network security key but can't remember what you changed it to, you’ll need to change it again.

For more information, please see How do I change my wireless router's WPA network security key/password?

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