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Wireless router reset button

Note: if you use the new Virgin Media Hub or Super Hub – our combined modem and wireless routers for cable customers – you can find the appropriate reset guides here:

How do I reset the Virgin Media Hub?
 How do I reset the Virgin Media Super Hub?

If you need to restore your wireless router to factory defaults, use the Restore Factory Settings switch, which can be found on the rear of the router. You may need to use the reset switch if, for example, the router is not responding correctly during your attempts to set it up.

Each type of router has its reset switch in a slightly different position, but all such switches tend to be found on the rear of the router, and they are made so that the router can never be accidentally reset.

Straighten out a paperclip and use it to press against the switch shown above. Hold the paperclip in place against the switch for about five seconds and then release. There will be a slight click as the switch is pressed. Once reset, the router should go through its start-up process again, and the lights on the front will flash for a while before they settle down.

Once you have reset the wireless router, use the Wireless Manager's Easy Setup option to configure your settings again. You can access this via Start > All Programs > Virgin Wireless Broadband > Wireless Manager Easy Setup.

If you don't have the Wireless Manager software installed, you will need to set up your wireless router manually.

Remember: resetting the wireless router to factory defaults will remove all of the information about your wireless network that is stored in the router's memory. You should not use the reset switch unless you need to.