Help & Support

What is Webspace?

Webspace is a free service we provide to our broadband customers. It allows you to publish your own site on the Web for non-commercial purposes – perfect if you want your own place online to write about your hobbies and interests.

How much does Webspace cost?
Great news! If you have an Internet account with Virgin Media, we give you Webspace free of charge. There are no hidden charges – it's really that simple.
How do I set up Webspace?
To get started, you need to set up your Webspace via My Virgin Media. Take a look at this guide for step-by-step instructions on what to do in order to get going with Webspace.
How much storage space do I get?
If you haven't used Webspace before, we'll give you a massive 200MB of space to store your files. That's enough room to create a large site full of high-quality media.

If you have a webspace address that includes, or, you currently have around 50MB of space. If you want to upgrade to 200MB, you'll need to change your webspace address. Check out how to do this in How do I change my webspace address format to

What's my Web address?
Once you've set up your Webspace account, all the settings and addresses you need to know can be found here.
What else do I need to know?
You'll need to know how to start creating the pages that will make up your site. To learn about the languages of the Web, take a look at our guides on HTML and CSS.

You'll also need to know a little about how FTP works so that you can transfer your files to our Webspace server.

Got some files to publish already? You'll need an FTP program and the Webspace access settings, and then you can share your site with the world!