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  • Why does my picture keep freezing or breaking into squares?

    There’s a number of possibilities – here’s a few checks you can make:

    • First thing to do is check to see if any of the cables at the back of your digital box or television have not come loose. If they have, push them (or screw them) securely into their connections.
    • Next, check if there’s a known fault in your area in our Service status area. If there isn’t, you can continue to a step by step troubleshooting flow.
    • Also, if you have a particularly large TV screen (28” or above), and you’re getting pixellation on some channels, one thing you can do it to turn the MPEG/Block or Digital Noise Reduction setting to On for your TV – check out the guide that came with your TV for details.

     If none of these tips resolves the problem then please contact us.