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Step-by-step guide to using your TV smart card

Follow these simple steps to swap your Smart Card and continue watching Virgin Media TV:

Remove your old TV Smart Card
  1. Make sure you have no need to watch or record TV for the next 20 minutes.
  2. Next ensure your TV and set top box are on and choose a channel.
  3. Then remove your old TV Smart Card. If you have a V+ Box or TiVo, you'll find this slotted into the back of your set top box. If you've got a standard set top box, you'll see it sticking out of the front of your set top box or under a protective flap.

To locate your card slot got to our article: Find your TV smart card slot

Check the serial number

Next you'll see a message appear on your TV screen, showing your set top box serial number.

Insert your new TV Smart Card

Check that the smart card you are using is for your set top box by matching the set top box number in the on screen message to your letter.

Insert your new TV Smart Card into the slot you removed the old one from. Make sure the side with the yellow arrow is facing upwards, arrow pointing into the slot.

Over to us

We'll automatically check your card details and once that's done you'll see the message below.

Click OK for the message to be cleared. Your channels should all be back within 20 minutes of the message below appearing. Once you have successfully changed your TV Smart Card, you can destroy your old card.

And that's it! Time to sit back and relax in front of your favourite show.