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How do I change which files and folders I want to backup?

To choose which folders and files you want to backup:

1. Access the Backup App.

2. In the My Computer area click Select files.

The backup options that are available will depend on the type of account you have. Your account type is shown in the top right on the Select how you want to backup screen.

If you have a Premium account, you can choose one of the following backup options:

  • Backup all my files.
  • Backup selected file types.
  • Backup individual files and folders.

If you’re a Basic user, you can only select individual files and folders.

If you want to change the individual folders and files that are selected, you can then select the folders and files you want to backup. Or, you can deselect them and they’ll no longer be backed up.

You can click in the checkbox next to the folder or file to select or deselect that folder or file. Only folders and files that have a tick next to their name will be backed up.

If you remove the tick, the folder or file will not be backed up anymore and you can choose to delete the online copy immediately or it will remain online for 30 days.

To delete files from the backup, you need to deselect them from with the Select and deselect files... screen then click on Clean. If you deselect them without clicking on Clean, they will remain in your account for another 30 days.

If you delete a backed up file from your local computer, the file remains in your Backup & Storage space for 30 days. This means that any file deleted by mistake can still be retrieved within 30 days of it being deleted from your computer.

If you want to delete the file from your online storage space, then you should deselect it within the Select and deselect files... screen, then click on Clean.