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How do I change the Virgin Media Hub's administration interface password?

The Virgin Media Hub has its own administration interface, which can be used to configure advanced settings that control the operation of the Hub. To protect the Hub's settings from being altered by an unauthorised user, you may wish to change the password required to access the administration interface.
Changing the Virgin Media Hub's administration interface password

1. Look for the information panel on the side of the Hub. This will contain the settings you need in order to access the Hub's administration interface.

2. Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and then enter the address from the information panel – it should be

3. When prompted, enter the username and password for the Hub's administration interface. Again, these details are printed on the information panel on the side of the Hub.

The password you enter here is the one that is about to be changed, in order to protect the Hub's settings from unauthorised alterations.

Once the username and password are accepted, you will be presented with the Hub's administration interface.

4. In the Maintenance section on the left of the screen, click Set Password.

Note: this screen does not allow you to change your Virgin Media account password (the one you use for email, etc.). To do that, please use My Virgin Media.

5. Choose a new password for the administration interface and enter it into both fields, then click Apply.

If the page reloads, you may be prompted to enter the new password once more in order to continue using the administration interface.

You can now close the browser window. The next time you try to access the administration interface, remember to use the new password instead of the one printed on the Hub's information panel.

Note: if you ever forget the new administration interface password, you can set it back to the default password by resetting the Hub (this will also reset all other changes you have made to the Hub's settings).

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