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How do I change the Virgin Media Hub's wireless channel/frequency?

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How to change the Virgin Media Hub's wireless channel

1. Look for the information panel on the side of the Hub. This will contain the settings you need in order to access the Hub's administration interface.

2. Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and then enter the address from the information panel – it should be

3. When prompted, enter the username and password for the Hub's administration interface. Again, these details are printed on the information panel on the side of the Hub.

Once the username and password are accepted, you will be presented with the Hub's administration interface.

4. In the Setup section on the left of the screen, click Wireless Settings.

5. Set the Channel dropdown menu to the channel of your choosing.

6. Click Apply and then close the browser window to exit the administration interface.

If you experience a loss of wireless connection from any of your computers after you change the channel, restart the affected machines and they should automatically reconnect to the wireless network on the correct channel.

If you are unable to re-establish your wireless connection after changing the Hub's channel, connect your computer to the Hub via the supplied yellow Ethernet cable and then change the channel back to its previous setting, or try an alternative channel.

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