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How do I set up Modem Mode on my Super Hub?

Enabling modem mode allows you to connect your own wireless router to the Super Hub, effectively turning the Super Hub into a stand alone DOCSIS3 cable modem.

To enable modem mode on your Super Hub

1. Make sure you are connected (wired or wirelessly) to your Super Hub.

2. Open your Internet browser.

3. Log in to your Super Hub's settings page by entering into the address bar of your Internet browser. If you have changed the IP address of your Super Hub, you will need to enter its new address into the address bar instead.

4. Enter your Super Hub's administration username and password. The default details are printed on the back of their Super Hub. If you have changed the default username or password, enter those details instead.

5. Once you've logged in, click Super Hub Settings to see the Modem Mode section.

6. Click the Enable Modem Mode button.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your selection.

7. Click Yes to continue.

Your Super Hub will reboot and enter Modem Mode.

8. Click the Apply button. You'll see a confirmation box asking if you want to continue.

9. Click OK.

Note: Once in Modem Mode, the IP address you use to access your Super Hub changes from to

How can I tell if the Super Hub is in modem mode without logging in to the administration interface?

The large button on the front of the Super Hub will be purple instead of the usual blue colour.

How do I get the Super Hub back in to Wireless mode after its been in Modem Mode?

To find out how to get your Super Hub back into Wireless mode, check How do I get my Super Hub out of Modem Mode?.

Can I order a Super Hub and a router from you?

We don't offer the option to take both pieces of equipment, Modem Mode is intended for customers who have their own wireless routers.For more help, check our Super Hub area.