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How to download the latest USB modem drivers

If you connect to Virgin Broadband using a WebSTAR or Motorola cable modem via a USB port, we recommend that you install the latest cable modem drivers.

Here are some problems you might come across if you use with older versions of cable modem drivers:

How to download the latest drivers

If you’d like to download the latest drivers, just follow the steps below.

Just to let you know, these USB drivers are downloaded as .zip files. You will need a copy of Winzip (or a similar zip extraction programme) to install the drivers. If you don’t have winzip, you can download it by visiting

To download and install the USB drivers for your modem:

  1. Click of right-click on one of the following links, depending on your modem type.
    Drivers for Motorola SB4100, SB4200, SB5100, SB5101
    Drivers for WebSTAR DPX100, DPX110
    Drivers for WebSTAR EPC2100
    (It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's Terms of Use before downloading software.)

    Note: The USB drivers are downloaded as ZIP files. You will need a copy of Winzip or a similar extraction programme to install the drivers.

  2. Select Save target as, and choose a download location for the file.

  3. Open the file from the specified location, and locate the file called 'readme'.

  4. Follow the instructions laid out in the 'readme' file. It is very important that you follow the detailed instructions that this contains.

Important: You must uninstall your old driver file before installing the new driver. See the 'readme' file for details.

For further information on installing the WebSTAR drivers, visit the Scientific Atlanta website and consult the Operation System-specific PDF files.

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