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How do I change the Super Hub's settings page password?

The Super Hub has its own settings page, which can be used to control the operation of the unit. To protect the Super Hub's settings from unauthorised changes, you may wish to alter the password.

Changing the settings page password

  1. Access the settings page by entering the web address shown on the Super Hub sticker. For more information, check Configuring advanced settings on the Virgin Media Super Hub.
  2. Click Super Hub Settings.
  3. Choose a new password for the settings page and enter it into both the Password and the Re-enter Password fields, and then click Save.

Note: the screen below does not allow you to change your Virgin Media account password (the one you use for email, eBilling etc.). If you do need to change your account password, please see the article: How do I change my password?

If the page reloads, you may be prompted to enter the new password once more in order to continue using the settings page.

You can now close the browser window. The next time you try to access the settings page, remember to use the new password instead of the one printed on the Super Hub's sticker.

Note: if you ever forget the new administration interface password, you can set it back to the default password by resetting the Super Hub (this will also reset all other changes you have made to the unit).

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