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How do I change the Virgin Media Super Hub's wireless channel/frequency?

How do I change the Super Hub's wireless channel/frequency?

Check our 'How to' video on changing your Super Hub's wireless channel:

Or follow these instructions:

1. Use the settings printed on the back of the Super Hub to access the settings page. For a guide on how to do this, please see Configuring advanced settings on the Virgin Media Super Hub.

2. Click Wireless Network Settings.

3. In the Security Settings area, use the Channel drop-down menu to choose a channel.

4. Click Save Settings and then close the browser window to exit the administration interface.

If you experience a loss of wireless connection from any of your computers after you change the channel, restart the affected machines and they should automatically reconnect to the wireless network on the correct channel.

If you are unable to re-establish your wireless connection after changing the Super Hub's channel, connect your computer to the Super Hub via Ethernet cable and then change the channel back to its previous setting, or try an alternative channel.

For more information on choosing the best wireless channel/frequency, check Improving your Super Hub's wireless signal.

For tips on how to get the best wireless signal, take a look at our step-by-step, interactive guide.

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