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How do I pause, rewind and fast forward on my TiVo box?

Live TV

In live TV, the status bar represents 1.5 hours and the green bar shows up to 1 hour of saved live TV. The white tick marks show 15 minute intervals. The bold white line shows where you are at any point, and if you’re in the red, you’re behind live TV.

Recordings and TV On Demand

In recorded shows and On Demand the trick play bar shows the length of the show. If a show is less than 3 hours long, the tick marks show 15 minute intervals; if it’s more than 3 hours but less than 6 hours long, the tick marks show 30 minute intervals. And if it’s more than 6 hours long, tick marks show 60 minute intervals.

Pausing the status bar

You can pause live TV whenever you want, for up to an hour. Just hit on your remote to pause what you’re watching.

A status bar will pop up, showing a one-hour period, so you can keep track of where you are, and how far behind live TV you are.

The red line shows how long you’ve been watching the channel.

The thick white line shows your current point in time. The smaller white tick marks show 15 minute intervals. You can rewind to the time you started watching a channel, upto 1.5 hours previously.

When the white line is back in the red segment, you’re behind live TV. To start watching the show you’ve paused again press or

Or to catch up to live TV press and hold

To view the status bar, anytime just press , , or

Fast forwarding

So you’re watching a live show you paused, but now you want to fast forward?

Press once to fast forward. Press it again to go faster, then one more time if you want to go even faster. You can fast forward until you catch up with live TV.

Press once to go forward 30 seconds. Press and hold it to catch up to live TV.

To stop fast forwarding, and start watching, just press

Press and then to move a small step forward.

If you’ve fast forwarded a bit too far press to go back a bit then press to start watching again.


Want to see something again? It’s easy to go back a bit too.

Press and the show rewinds. Press it up to three times to increase the speed and the opposite direction to slow down. Press to return to normal speed at any time.

Press once to skip back 8 seconds.

To see a slow motion replay press followed by

If you want to go back to the beginning of the recording or saved portion of the show press and hold