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If you get your services down a fibre optic cable you are a Cable user. If you get your services down a phone line you are a National user.


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Device management for Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin TV Anywhere brings you some of the biggest and best movies and shows on TV.

For legal reasons we have set some restrictions on where and how you can watch these shows, which means Virgin TV Anywhere can only be used on a maximum of two ‘devices’.

These devices can be any combination of a computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Tablet or Phone and Amazon Kindle Fire.

To check you can use your device with TV Anywhere, see 'Technical Requirements for Virgin TV Anywhere'

You can register up to two devices, personalise names and add or remove devices, but there are some rules about how you can make changes.

Once you’ve signed in using your My Virgin Media username and password the first time you go to watch something you will need to register the device you’re using:

  • A new browser page will automatically open giving the Virgin TV Anywhere device registration page.
  • Click Register on one of the lines labelled ‘Available device slot’, you can then give your device a name, such as “Louise’s iPhone”.
  • Once you’re done click on ‘Finished’ and you are ready to start watching.

If you already have two devices registered, you’ll need to delete one of them to make a slot available for the device you’re on now.

If you are registering an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, please make sure Cookies are enabled on your device, otherwise you’ll be unable to register. To check go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and make sure it’s not set to Always.

Device Changes
  • Each time you add a new or swap a device you’ll use one of your permitted 'device changes'
  • You can register up to 2 devices
  • When 2 devices have been registered you’ll be able to make one change to your registered devices each calendar month. This lets you remove a device to add a new one, for example
  • We recommend that you register devices that you’ll use regularly as you will not be able to swap them until the following month

    You can keep track of your entitlement by selecting Device & Player Registration:

  • On your computer – by clicking the Settings button to the top right of the screen
  • On your iPad or Android Tablet – by clicking on the Settings cog icon at the top left of iPad app
  • For iPhone or iPod touch – under the More button.
  • On your Android Phone – you’ll find this under settings once you have registered the device
Renaming your device

On the Device & Player Registration page (see above) tap Rename next to the device name. Renaming doesn’t count towards your allowed device changes.

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