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Managing your TiVo box from your computer

Got our TiVo® service? Then you don’t always need your remote to hand to see what’s on your TiVo box. Virgin TV Anywhere makes it easy to manage current and upcoming recordings from your web browser, whether you’re curled up in front of your box or sat at your desk in the office.

Manage recordings and more
It’s easy to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Manage My TiVo from the Virgin TV Anywhere menu.
  3. If you’re not already signed in, sign in using your My Virgin Media username and password. If you haven't registered for My Virgin Media or have forgotten your username or password, check How do I sign in to My Virgin Media?
  4. Choose from the following options:
    • My TiVo boxes
    • My Shows
    • My Planned recordings
    • My Series Links
    • My Wishlists™
    • My Thumbs

The TiVo box you want to manage needs to be switched on or in standby. You can check your connection status when you select ‘My TiVo boxes’.

Manage your TiVo box options

My TiVo boxes – You can select the TiVo box you want to manage, set a default box if you have more than one, or even choose your own name for your TiVo box.

The default name given to your TiVo box is a 4 digit number which you'll see listed under 'Box Name'. To find out what it is:

  1. Use your TiVo remote to go to Home > Help & Settings > System Info, then System Info again
  2. Find the TiVo Service Number (TSN); the last 4 digits of this are individual to each TiVo box
  3. You should see these in the ‘Box Name’ list on your computer screen

Renaming your TiVo box - to give your TiVo box a friendlier nickname:

  1. Click Manage My TiVo
  2. Click the Change button next to the TiVo box you want to rename
  3. Under Box Name replace the long string of characters with the name you want to use for the box, such as ‘lounge’, ‘kitchen’ or even ‘Louise’
  4. Click Save changes. It may take a few minutes for the new name to be shown on the TiVo box and on your computer screen

You can also do this using your TiVo box as well. To do this, using your TiVo remote, press Home > Settings > Devices > Name this TiVo box, then follow the onscreen instructions.

My Shows - Find programmes, series or films you have recorded, find more information or delete an episode. Like on your TiVo box, recordings are organised into folders so different episodes of the same show are grouped together. Sort your shows by date recorded or title to find what you want.

My Planned recordings – See shows you’ve set to record and change the recording options.

My Series links – See Series Links you’ve set to record and or change the recording options.

My Wishlists – See your Wishlists, change recording options or delete your Wishlists for a person or a programme.

My Thumbs - Rating shows with your likes or dislikes helps your TiVo box make even better recommendations for you. See what you’ve given the thumbs up or thumbs down to, make changes or delete them. If you want to add new Thumbs you can do this for shows in the TV Guide.

Copy TiVo Settings - If your TiVo box has been swapped for a new one or you have taken an extra TiVo box, you can copy some settings to the new box when it’s on the same account.  This needs to be done within 14 days of getting the new TiVo box, after that your original settings won’t be available.  The settings you can copy are Series Links, Thumb ratings and Auto record wishlists. Check How to copy TiVo settings to see how to do this.

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