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Virgin TV Anywhere FAQs for your computer

Where can I use Virgin TV Anywhere?
You can use TV Anywhere to discover new shows and manage your TiVo® viewing anywhere in the UK, but you can only watch shows in the UK due to licensing requirements.

Do I need to sign in to use Virgin TV Anywhere on my computer?
To watch Live TV or On Demand, or if you have a TiVo box and want to manage it you’ll need to sign in using your My Virgin Media account username and and password. Just to let you know, unless you’ve set up a sub-account for Virgin TV Anywhere and allowed that sub-account to use TV Anywhere, you’ll have to sign in using your primary My Virgin Media username and password.

I don't know my Virgin Media username or password!
If you're not sure what your Virgin Media username or password is and want us to remind you, head to My Virgin Media.

There you will see a ‘Forgotten username or password’ link where you can get your details after answering a few security questions.

I don’t have Virgin Media TV. Can I watch Virgin TV Anywhere?
Virgin TV Anywhere is currently only available to Virgin Media TV customers. If you’d like to find out more about our TV services head over to our store.

I can see 'Watch Now' for some of my recordings in My Shows - does this mean I can watch recordings from my TiVo box online?
When you see this it is because Virgin TV Anywhere has found the same show in the Catch Up & On Demand library.

Why do I have to register my device?
It’s for legal reasons, so that Content owners of the shows & movies we provide through our Virgin TV Anywhere service can protect them in the UK.

Can I watch Virgin TV Anywhere on more than one device?
Virgin TV Anywhere lets you watch on a maximum of 2 different devices at a time. You can have up to 5 people in the household who can access Virgin TV Anywhere on their own sub-account, but don’t forget only a maximum of 2 devices can access it at a time.

What is ‘my default box’ in Manage My TiVo?
When you send any messages to your TiVo box using TV Anywhere, e.g. to set or change recordings, these are sent to the ‘default box’. This means if you have more than one TiVo box these messages go to just one TiVo box and not all of them.

Where you have more than one TiVo box you can change the default box for all requests by going to Manage My TiVo, then My TiVo boxes.

Can I set up parental controls?
If you’re the main account holder you can set up parental controls for computers by signing in to My Virgin Media. Once you’re signed in, head to the My Profile section and click through to the Manage accounts page.

From there you can change age rating of the shows and movies that sub accounts can view.And so you know, it is not possible to add Parental Controls when using the Virgin TV Anywhere app due to the way shows are provided to Virgin Media.

Are there any age restrictions to the content on Virgin TV Anywhere?
Yes. Like all TV, some of the shows and movies are only suitable for people over a certain age. When you are using your computer to use Virgin TV Anywhere we’ll tell you if you’re about to watch something with an age restrictions on it, and you can use parental controls to decide what you’d like your kids to be able to watch.

How do I set up a sub account
You can create a sub-account in the same way that you create a mailbox. Check out our article: How do people in my household use Virgin TV Anywhere?