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Keeping V+ HD content when upgrading to TiVo

If you’ve got a V+ HD box and are upgrading to our TiVo service, any existing recordings you have on your V+ HD box won’t be transferred on to your new TiVo.

We recommend watching any existing recordings before upgrading, but if that’s not possible you can also archive your recording in Standard Definition to a VCR or DVD recorder if you have one.

You’ll need to ensure your VCR or DVD recorder is connected via SCART to the VCR SCART socket on the back of your V+ HD box.

To archive programmes:

  1. Press V+ on your remote control, select V+ Extras and choose Copy to VCR/DVD.
  2. Highlight each programme you wish to copy and press OK on each one to select them.
  3. Once selected the programme should appear on the right hand side of the screen. Press the yellow button.
  4. Put your DVD or VCR recorder into record and press OK on your V+ remote.

Your chosen programmes will now play in order.

The Copy to VCR/DVD screen shows copying progress in a red bar above the list of copying programmes. When copying is in progress the programmes being copied are locked and cannot be deleted.

If you need to change tapes or discs press the yellow button to pause or unpause the recordings.

Press the blue button to stop copying.

NOTE: You won’t be able to watch a live TV channel on your V+ HD when copying programmes as depending on your V+ HD model and connection to your TV, you will copy the live channel instead.