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Virgin Media Cloud Closure

As more of our customers were choosing to use alternative apps and services, our Virgin Media Cloud service is now closed.

Where can I store my important files?

If you’d like to back up your stuff again, why not try Dropbox? With 2GB of storage, Dropbox lets you back up all the stuff you currently have on Virgin Media Cloud, and even share big files.

Better still, Dropbox works on all your devices – seamlessly syncing your files between them. Plus, you’ll bag an extra 3GB of storage if you link the Dropbox app to your phone camera.

If that’s not enough, when you recommend Dropbox to your nearest and dearest, you’ll get a bonus 500MB for each referral.

For help downloading your stuff and setting up your Dropbox account, go to

And don’t worry – if you’re currently paying for extra storage, we won’t charge you a penny in March and April.