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Sockets in the home

There are occasions when troubleshooting faults where we may require you to check the sockets in your property. Please see below for instructions on how to identify the main Virgin Media wall socket and the primary phone socket.

Your Virgin Media wall socket.

When troubleshooting Broadband and TV faults you may be asked to find the main wall socket.

  • Check that it is undamaged, securely fixed and that the silver connector is visible.
  • Don't worry if it looks a bit different to the one in the picture.
  • It may be labelled with a different brand like NTL or Telewest, which is absolutely fine.

Your Virgin Media phone socket.

When troubleshooting phone faults you may be asked to find the master phone socket. As this is the first socket in the property it would help us to eliminate problems with internal wiring in the property or faulty extension sockets.

  • The phone socket you are looking for is the Virgin Media master socket. It is your main phone socket, rather than any extension sockets (which allow you to have phones in other rooms).
  • Check that any wires going into your phone socket are in good condition.

The different phone sockets you may see in your home.