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I can’t send or receive messages with Virgin Media Text?

If you’re having problems sending or receiving text messages, or you receive text messages as voice messages:

  • Check you’ve the right equipment and services.

  • Make sure you’re registered for Virgin Media Text.

  • Check you’re using the correct service centre numbers, so we know how to format the text for your particular phone.
What equipment and services do I need?

You need:

  • An active Virgin Phone line.

  • A text compatible phone.

  • To subscribe to the Virgin Media “Caller Display” service.
How do I register?

As soon as you send your first text message you’ll be automatically registered for the service. Alternatively you can type ‘register’ into your text message and send it to 00000.

How do I update my service centre numbers?

These numbers are used to configure your phone so you can send and receive text messages with Virgin Media Text. The service centre numbers vary for different models of phones. To find out which numbers to use and how to enter them, please refer to the manual that came with your phone.