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  • Technical requirements for using Virgin TV Anywhere

    If you’ve got our TV service, you can use Virgin TV Anywhere on a Windows PC or Apple Mac to watch TV wherever you’ve got a broadband or Wi-Fi connection in the UK. You can also use our Virgin TV Anywhere app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablets and phones and Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.

    If you subscribe to Sky Cinema or Sky Sports on our TV service, see 'Technical Requirements for the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports apps and website' for compatible devices to watch on the go.

    Desktop and laptop computer minimum specifications

    Windows Vista, 7, 8.1

    Internet Explorer 9 to 11
    Firefox 3 or higher
    Adobe Flash Player Flash 11.4 or higher

    Windows 10

    Microsoft EDGE
    Internet Explorer 11
    Firefox 3 or higher
    Adobe Flash Player Flash 11.4 or higher


    OS X 10.5 or higher
    Firefox 3 or higher
    Safari 5 or higher
    Adobe Flash Player 11.4 or higher

    Google Chrome is not supported on Windows or OS X

    Mobile app minimum specifications

    NOTE: TV Anywhere isn’t available on Blackberry devices or Windows Phone. Windows Tablets are enabled for V6 or TiVo management only, and can’t be used to watch TV via Virgin TV Anywhere.


    Apple devices meeting the following specifications can use the TV Anywhere app:

    iOS 8 or higher

    iPad 2 or later
    iPhone 4 or later
    iPod touch 5th generation or later

    NOTE: Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the TV Anywhere app as older versions will not work for streaming live TV or Virgin TV V6 or TiVo management. If you’re running iOS 7 or earlier you’ll need to update to iOS 8 where possible to use TV Anywhere on your device.


    Android 4.1 & above for mobiles and tablets.

    TV Anywhere is tested on a range of different flagship mobiles and tablets and will work on the majority of Android devices.

    Occasionally, to ensure that the TV Anywhere app continues to work correctly you may need to update the OS version of the device to meet the minimum requirements.

    If you're not sure which version of the Android operating system (OS) you have:

    1. Open the settings menu (usually represented with a cog symbol) on your device.
    2. Select About device. You'll see the version number listed under the Android version header.


    2013 (3rd Generation) Tablet devices or later

    Fire OS 3.2.8 or later (equal to Android 4.1 or later)

    For security reasons and to protect the rights of our content partners Virgin TV Anywhere is not supported on rooted devices, where unauthorised modifications have been made to the operating system.