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  • All you need to know about your broadband speed boost

    The fastest is getting even faster. That’s right – we're boosting broadband speeds for our existing customers yet again!

    Who will get an upgrade?

    If you’re a broadband customer who joined us before 24th November 2015 on 50Mbps or below, 100Mbps or 152Mbps, we’ll offer you an upgrade to our more powerful speeds of SuperFibre 70Mbps, VIVID 150Mbps and VIVID 200Mbps

    If you’ve joined us after the 1st October 2015 on VIVID 200, our next generation optical fibre, you’re already on our fastest widely available service.

    And if you joined us or took out a new bundle deal after the 24th November 2015 on SuperFibre 50 or VIVID 100, you're on our new speeds and aren't eligible for a speed boost at this time.

    For more information about Virgin Media VIVID 100 and VIVID 200, click here.

    Will I need equipment before I can be upgraded to the new superfast broadband speeds?

    If you have some of our older broadband kit, you might need a new Hub before we can upgrade your broadband speeds. We'll confirm this when you order your upgrade.

    If I need a new Hub, what will it cost?

    If you need a Hub, all you'll need to pay is £5.99 for the delivery.

    When will the broadband speed upgrades take place?

    We began our upgrade work in October 2015 and we’ll be updating our postcode checker every step of the way, so you can always get the latest on our progress. All you need to do is visit and enter your postcode to find out when faster broadband speeds will be available in your area.

    How much faster will my broadband be once my service has been upgraded?

    Just register or sign in to My Virgin Media at, and we'll let you know what your new speed will be.

    Will you tell me when my upgrade is ready?

    Of course! As soon as the network upgrade is complete in your area, we will send you an email you to let you know.

    How do I get my upgrade?

    When we email you to let you know your upgrade is ready, you'll be able to upgrade by signing into your My Virgin Media account where you'll see a link to get your faster broadband speed.