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Changing SPAM settings in Virgin Media Mail

The new Virgin Media Mail platform has state-of-the art SPAM filters, but you may see SPAM email handled differently. All SPAM emails will now be moved into the 'Spam folder' automatically rather than be rejected by default. If you like, you can change this by going into your webmail settings and then selecting SPAM settings.

Note: The SPAM Settings option is not available if you're using Virgin Media Mail on a mobile or a tablet device. You can change the settings below by logging into Virgin Media Mail using a desktop computer or a laptop.

  1. Click the System menu icon Settings Icon on the right side of the menu bar and then click the Settings menu option.

  2. Select SPAM Settings.

  3. Select the required SPAM setting:

    • Move message to Spam folder (default)

    • Reject All SPAM messages

    • Flag a message as SPAM but deliver to Inbox

    • Turn off all SPAM filtering

  4. Navigating away from the SPAM Settings page will save the setting selected.

Marking an email as SPAM or NOT SPAM in Virgin Media Mail will move that email to the relevant folder, but doesn't maintain that choice for future messages for that sender.

To permanently block an email from a particular sender that you identify as SPAM but the SPAM filter does not, you can set up a filter to delete any future messages. For more information on setting up a filter check, Using filters in Virgin Media Mail.

If emails from a particular sender are being identified incorrectly as SPAM, save the sender as a contact. This will ensure that you receive all messages from that sender and it won't be identified as SPAM. For more information on how to add a contact, check Using the Address Book in Virgin Media Mail.

Why am I starting to see more content in my SPAM folder?

We recently changed the default SPAM settings in our webmail from 'Reject all SPAM messages' to 'Move message to Spam folder' which will potentially increase the number of SPAM emails contained in that folder. See above on how to change the SPAM settings for webmail.

Deleting SPAM from the SPAM folder

On the first of each month, any messages in the SPAM or Trash folders that are over 30 days old are automatically deleted. If you manually delete messages from the SPAM folder they are moved to the Trash folder. To immediately delete these messages, empty the Trash folder. For more information on deleting messages, check Deleting messages in Virgin Media Mail.