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How to delete Virgin Media Mail messages


Virgin Media Mail lets you delete either an entire conversation or one message from a conversation. In either case, deleting will move the message to Bin, where you can permanently delete it or just wait 30 days when Virgin Media Mail will permanently delete it for you. If you want to keep a conversation but remove it from your inbox, try archiving.

In the latest version of Virgin Media Mail the delete function is now represented by a trashcan icon near the top of the screen.

To delete an entire conversation:

1. Select or open the conversation from your Inbox. Conversations are always represented by the subject and summary of the last message sent in that conversation.

2. Click the Trashcan icon to move the message to the Bin.

To delete just one message in a conversation:

1. Open the conversation that contains the message and find the message in question.

2. Click the down arrow next to Reply , at the top right of the message window.

3. Click Delete this message.

The individual message will be sent to the Bin, and the rest of the conversation stays in your inbox.

Once a message is in the Bin, you can either leave it to be deleted automatically by Virgin Media Mail after 30 days, or you permanently delete it yourself. To do this:

1. Click Bin along the left side of any Virgin Media Mail page. If you can’t see Bin don’t worry, it’s there, you just need to hover your mouse over the left part of the page and click the ‘More’ button to further expand the list.

2. Once in the Bin you may see a prompt above the list of messages and conversations in your Bin saying ‘Empty Trash now’; this will delete everything there.

3. To delete individual messages or conversations only you can check the box next to the message you'd like to permanently delete.

4. Click Delete Forever.

If you delete a message and then immediately decide you'd like to keep it, click Undo in the yellow bar along the top of the page. Your message will be removed from the Bin and returned to its original location. If you later decide that you need mail you've deleted, make sure to move it out of the Bin before 30 days have passed. This way, the message won't be permanently deleted.

By the way, if you want to delete all messages in a mailbox, simply click on the box with the down arrow symbol next to it next to the Archive button. This highlights all the messages. Now click on Delete to move all messages to the Bin.

Deleting sent messages

Deleting messages from Sent Mail removes the conversation from every view (Inbox, All Mail, Conversation). When you delete mail, the entire conversation is moved to the Bin, unless you delete one message at a time. Be careful not to delete received mail when trying to delete sent mail that is a part of the same conversation.If you've mistakenly moved a message to the Bin, you may be able to recover it.

Moving messages out of the Bin

If you find that you need a message you've moved to the Bin,* follow these steps to recover it:

1. Log in to your Virgin Media Mail account.

2. Click Bin along the left side of any Virgin Media Mail page.

3. Locate the message you'd like to move to your inbox, and check the box next to the sender's name.

4. Click Move to Inbox.

* All conversations and messages in the Bin are accessible for 30 days, in case you change your mind. After 30 days, Virgin Media Mail automatically deletes your binned messages, and you won't be able to retrieve them.