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How do I connect my HD TV to my V+ HD Box?

If you had a standard definition TV when we installed your V+ HD box, and you’ve now upgraded to an HD TV, don’t worry. All you need is a HD connection lead (your old SCART lead will still deliver pictures to your new HD TV – only they won’t be HD pictures!).

There are two types of HD lead, depending on which TV you’ve got:

  • HDMI – carries sound and video signals, these are commonly used by most new HD TVs.
  • DVI – carries video signals only, these are less widely used but you can easily pick one up from your local electrical shop.

Have a look at the user guide that came with your new TV and it’ll tell you which cable you need.

How to get connected

Once you’ve found the correct cable, follow these instructions to get connected:

  1. Make sure both your V+ HD Box and TV are switched off at the mains socket.
  2. Next, connect the V+ HD Box to your TV using your new HD lead. Remember, though, to leave your SCART lead connected between the V+ HD Box and the TV.
  3. Switch on the V+ HD Box and the TV. Then use your TV remote to tune to the relevant AV channel for SCART connection. If you need some help with this, have a look at the manual that came with your TV.
  4. Wait for your V+ HD Box to start up.
  5. Once the V+ HD Box displays the words ‘Live TV’ on the front panel press Home on your remote control, choose Settings from the menu and select the Change Display & Audio Settings option.
  6. Select TV display format and choose HiDef HDMI.
  7. Select the V+ HD Box HiDef output setting. We show our HD programmes in 1080 but quality varies according to television manufacturer. You may find the picture looks better in 720, so try both.
  8. Once you have completed adjusting your settings, press OK to save. A popup screen will appear. Now you can test your set-up – don’t press anything else on your remote control just yet.
  9. Next, you’ll need to set your TV to HiDef input (how you do this depends on which TV you have, so have a look at the manual that came with your TV).
  10. Once this is done, press OK on your remote control to start the test. You should now see another pop-up screen stating “Press Text to confirm your High Definition settings are correct”. If you can see the pop-up message then press the Text button on your Virgin Media remote to save the new setting. This popup will only remain on the screen for 30 seconds before the set top box returns to the previous settings.
  11. If you can’t see a picture, change your TV back to the relevant AV channel for SCART input and the V+ HD Box will go back to the old settings automatically. If you don’t see the picture it could be because:
  • The cables are in the wrong sockets, aren’t in properly, or are faulty.
  • Your TV doesn’t support the selected mode and needs its settings changed, or is faulty.
  • There is an incompatibility between the TV and V+ HD Box.